Console Commands

In-game console commands

They are divided into few topical tables and sorted alphabetically in every table. We hope you can find what you want. The most often used or most useful are emhasized with bold.


command explanation
allammo gives you full ammo
allweapons gives you all weapons
fly you can fly (see also walk and ghost)
ghost you can go through walls, you don't collide with anything (see also walk and fly)
god you'll become invincible
loaded gives you all weapons and full ammo
playersonly pauses game but you can still move around
walk you move normally (see also fly and ghost)

Bot commands

command explanation
addbots [count]

Viewmodes (rendering and performance modes)

command explanation
viewmode lit normal viewmode - you can omit the parameter for this one
viewmode lightcomplexity
viewmode lightingonly
viewmode shadercomplexity
viewmode texturedensity
viewmode unlit
viewmode wireframe

Performance, statistics

command explanation
stat engine
stat fps shows frames-per-second
stat ld shows all stats (engine+memory+scenerendering) at once
stat memory
stat scenerendering

Show commands

Works similar like turning various flags on/off in the editor.

command explanation
show bsp
show collision
show foliage
show particles
show postprocess
show rigidbody
show staticmeshes

Screen and camera commands

command explanation
behindview toggles 3rd person view (you can use optional 1/0 as the parameter)
fov [value] value is in degrees, default is 90
setres [value] value is in form “1024x767”

Other commands

command explanation
exit quits the game (the same as quit)
quit quits the game
shot takes a screenshot
showhud toggles hud, handy for level screenshots (see shot)
slomo [value] 1 is normal game speed, <1 is slower, >1 is faster
switchlevel [mapname] changes the map - for example switchlevel dm-sentinel
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