custom skydome

Let’s face it; UT3 doesn’t have that many skydomes to choose from. So follow these steps to get your very own CUSTOM SKYDOME!


Get your level all sorted out for your skydome.


Go to this website or any others and get the sky image you want for your skydome.
CG Textures
• Make sure the sky is not in a cube web format, but in a 360˚ flat format
• You can right click and save this one if you want.



Using an image editing program (like Photoshop) resize the image so it is 1024 x 256 height (in pixels) OR 2048 x 512.
• Also make sure it is a bitmap file.
• The file should be 2048 x 512 for better detail


Go into the UT3 Editor and open the generic browser.In the browser, open this file:
C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\CookedPC\Environments\UN_Sky
Click on the static mesh S_UN_SKY_SM_SkyDome03 and add it to your level


In the Generic Browser, click File-Import, and find the resized sky image.


Click Open, then in the import box, click the Package scroll down bar. Find the name of your map and click on it.
Where it says Group, name it Custom_Skydome.
Then where it says Name, call it default_sky.
• (It does not matter what you call the Group or Name, but I am just making it simple for this tutorial.)
Where it says Create Material? check the box. Then click OK.



If the file did not import properly, it was either
The wrong size in pixels
Not a .bmp file

If it did import, you should see your sky image and a checkered material in your generic browser.
• Save your map.
• Double click on the checkered material.
• The material editor will open.

Click and drag to move around.
Scroll to move in and out.
Hold Ctrl and click and drag an object to move it. The little black boxes are connections.


There will be a box with your sky in it.
• Move it to the right so you can see it better.
• Right click the connection to the word “diffuse” and click on “break link”.
• Then click the connection to “Emissive” and drag a line to the connection on your sky texture.
• Exit the material editor. A popup will come up. Click Yes.


Select your sky material.
Then in the perspective view, select your skydome. Go to its properties.
Go to this section and click the arrow
• (Make sure your sky material is selected in the generic browser)



Save your map
If you did everything correctly, the skydome should have your texture on it.



This image is the product of a 1024 x 256 skydome. It doesn't have very good quality. 2048 x 512 is recommended

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