Frequently Asked Questions

Top UnrealEd questions

These few are all mixed from various topics - but they are most often asked by newbies but also by mappers who came from previous UnrealEd and are lazy to search for answers. :-)

How to start UnrealEd?

  • You can use Start menu, find folder "Unreal Tournament 3" (unless you had chosen different name during the installation) and under it there is the "Unreal Tournament 3 Editor" shortcut.
  • Alternatively add editor parameter to UT3 executable - see: How to start UnrealEd

I can't see brushes (meshes/builder brush/terrain/something) - they disappeared!

In 99% of cases the answer is that you turned off specific "show flag". It's easy to do so because many of them are bound to simple keys like Q (brushes), W (meshes), T (terrain), B (builder brush), etc. You can try one of these or you can restore show flags settings for specific viewport by accessing SHOW FLAGS menu. To do so, locate button with small black down pointing triangle in the viewport toolbar (not in the main one!) with tooltip Toggle Show Flags and click there. Now you can select Default Show Flags or simply check if the one you want is turned on. Finally you can see key shortcuts available for particular show flags here. As you probably know now, flags are set per viewport.

I can't assign texture to brush (can't assign material)!

You can't assign texture, but you definitely can assign material. Don't mix these two. In generic browser textures have red outline while materials have green one. Always be sure that you have material selected when you want to assing it to the face of some brush.

I can't move an actor - only widget is moving.

  • In the main toolbar there's an icon with arrow on it (probably 8th icon). If this one is pressed you can't move things. Read its self-explanatory tooltip.
  • Alternatively: Check actor properties (F4), group Advanced and there is property bLockLocation. If it's checked you can't move this actor.

How can I measure distances (ruler)?

Simply press middle button and drag the mouse (MMB-drag).

UnrealEd starts without viewports! (Or white viewports, no viewports…)

In main menu: View -> Viewport Configuration -> 2x2 Split (that one is default, it doesn't really matter what you choose)
This happens much less than in UT2004, but it still may happen.

Advanced UnrealEd questions

How can I merge packages?

  • Packages can't be cooked.
  • Rename assets from one package to other package - "renaming" the package actually moves the asset into the new package.
  • You can choose not to save the original package which preserves assets in the original package and they are copied rather than moved.

I can't close Generic Browser!

Happens if you switch to other programs often. Ctrl+Tab will get you to Log Browser - and than you can close it.

Level making questions

When player dies under the terrain its body flies up through it. How can I avoid it?

Check terrain properties (F4), group Collision, property bAllowRigidBodyUnderneath must be checked if you want players to go under the terrain.

How can I make walkway (railing, wall) to turn left if only right turn is available?

Scale x or y axes by -1 (one of them). That mirrors the mesh and changes turn direction.

Technical problems

I have an error "can't open file ..\UTGame\Config\UTMaterialEditor_layout.xml / error 5: access is denied" (possibly with different file). What's wrong?

This is OS related problem, not UT3 - mostly on Vista. Running UT as admin should solve the problem. If you know how to set up access rights you might go for some cleaner solution though.


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