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ladder mesh
dragonlord62dragonlord62 01 Dec 2010 13:30
in discussion Public / General » ladder mesh

Does anyone have any ut3 mesh ladders:)

ladder mesh by dragonlord62dragonlord62, 01 Dec 2010 13:30

For your own sake :-) use some popular forum for your questions. I can highly recommend this one:

Re: Can someone help me? by virgo47virgo47, 01 Jun 2010 14:32

I've been working on a few maps and i noticed while examining DM-demios map file for ideas when i noticed that there's an unmarked mesh of some sort of gigantic necris ship under the space station. It can only be seen while playing the map and it vanishes if you go into editor mode and examine the map. just wondering if its a mesh or whatever XD.

random question...any ideas? by 2kmodderX2kmodderX, 01 Jun 2010 13:51

I've been trying to figure out if its possible to export anything from ut3 editor into Maya autodesk or 3Ds Max but can't find anything. Is it possible to export meshes from ut3???

Can someone help me? by 2kmodderX2kmodderX, 01 Jun 2010 13:37
Re: help!
virgo47virgo47 01 Jun 2010 07:54
in discussion Public / General » help!

They are all part of the UT3 installation, there is no need to download anything.

Re: help! by virgo47virgo47, 01 Jun 2010 07:54
sixpiecesixpiece 01 Jun 2010 01:07
in discussion Public / General » help!

how do i download one of these packages I dont have some of them and need some of these static meshes badly, This may be noob, but should be easy to explain thank you :)

help! by sixpiecesixpiece, 01 Jun 2010 01:07
g00g1eg00g1e 15 Nov 2008 03:57
in discussion Public / General » HEY PEOPLE

I am an avid player and designer of UT3 maps. I love them. Im only having one problem. Whenever I try to create a teleporter, when I put the mesh in it always appears as a flat square. While having funny effects, not quite the thing im looking for. Suggestions?

HEY PEOPLE by g00g1eg00g1e, 15 Nov 2008 03:57

Thanks Gabrys! :-) It works now.

nice site, but you can make the header clickable,
look at:

Piotr Gabryjeluk
visit my blog

thanks for that will have a go today i will post back if i need anymore help

Re: quick question by chupakneebraychupakneebray, 06 Mar 2008 16:18

Whow, I didn't know there is a plan for another iteration of BU Wiki. :-) Still they want cover all versions - although they want to separate them better now. At least that's what I see there now. :-) We'll see. I think both wikis can coexist and be usefull at the same time and complement each other.

I love the idea. I think it's worth checking out which I think is doing the same thing. Of course, it's not close to ready yet.

Re: quick question
virgo47virgo47 05 Mar 2008 23:48
in discussion Public / General » quick question

Ok, if you need beam (something player see "in the air") it's generally done by static meshes as well. It's just the part of the mesh players don't collide with. For a spotlight itself (something that lit up some spot) search in Actor browser (open up Generic browser, choose Actor tab and search under lights somewhere).

I don't know exact static mesh reference for you - but easiest way how to find what you need is to find it on any retail map you know it is on. I'd bet HeatRay has something you want. Good luck.

Re: quick question by virgo47virgo47, 05 Mar 2008 23:48
quick question
chupakneebraychupakneebray 04 Mar 2008 16:57
in discussion Public / General » quick question

just started using unreal editor (only other editor i have ever used is the sandbox2 for cysis)
really enjoying it so far but im trying to make a spotlight for a level i have placed the mesh now i just need the actual light ive tryed right clicking but i cannot find it anywere
any help

(im needing the beam of light from the spotlight)

quick question by chupakneebraychupakneebray, 04 Mar 2008 16:57
Re: Noob question
virgo47virgo47 28 Jan 2008 20:53
in discussion Public / General » Noob question

Hi paumonsu - welcome here :-)

Your UE screen is UT3 editor, that's right. That bar from the tutorial is from the editor for UT2004. Version of that Unreal Editor is indeed 3. It's a little mess - UT2004's level editor is version 3. UEd for Unreal Engine 3 is… I don't know the number really. I rather always declare "UT3 Unreal Editor" or "editor for UT3"… I hope you see the reason now. :-) If you see Unreal Editor 3 - it's for UT2003/4.

Aim here: Resources - and find some tutorials here. There are some UT2004 mentioned as well (because it's much more material for it still) so be carefull. Video tutorials from 3D Buzz are great. I don't know GoldSource/Source engines and the truth is that Unreal editor is still bigger and more difficult with every other version - but there's a reason for that. Today's games (and UT3 especially) cares about details. There is much more you can do (normal mapping, static meshes, etc) than 5 years ago - which means more stuff to learn. Go for it. :-)

Re: Noob question by virgo47virgo47, 28 Jan 2008 20:53
Noob question
paumonsupaumonsu 27 Jan 2008 13:32
in discussion Public / General » Noob question

I'm new on Unreal engine mapping, I've worked with GoldSource and Source engines (HL & HL2) but Unreal Engine is so much complicated.

I'm following a tutorial and it says I should see that bar:

But I doesn't have this bar, that's my UE screen:

Noob question by paumonsupaumonsu, 27 Jan 2008 13:32

I think it can be very useful to have a UT3 mapping community.

I know - it's still young site. ;-) Do you play UT3? Do you create content for the game? Do you think this could be valid resource? Is our mission/vision good?

I'd like to hear what you think.

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