Getting Started

This is the simpler guide for beginners that should help you start with UnrealEd and level design in general.

You generally click on topic in TOC (lower) that is only one level deep here - remember, it's just "Getting Started". We'll do our best to provide navigation between "chapters" as well (later). For the moment you have to get back here and click on the next chapter you're interested in by yourself. You can find Getting Started links (chapters and this index) in top navigation menu as well.

If you'll find this Getting started too long you should check How To Build a Simple Cube Map which is definitely the simplest all-round cook book for the UT3 level with result as simple as possible while still playable.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction To UnrealEd
  2. Simple BSP Level
  3. Simple Level Texturing
  4. Simple Static Mesh Decorations
  5. Pickups and paths
  6. Finishing the level
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