Many pages contain various level of content related rather to older version of engine and tools. Some tutorials cover UT2004 or UnrealEd 3 if you want. Most of the listed designers are pretty active hence you can expect more and more material about current game (UT3) and current version of Unreal Editor.


Video tutorials

  • About Unreal Engine 3 - Video Tutorials - these are video tutorials coming with Unreal Tournament 3 Collector's Edition. I guess 3D Buzz will soon have them on his site as well because now sites like this can obtain hits that should go on (You might ask why I put the link here… well you would find the way there anyway, wouldn't you? :-))
  • Unreal Engine Gears of War Mod Tutorials - video tutorials by cannedmushrooms - although they are about GoW, it's usable for UT3UEd as well - check also his other channels - many of them may be usefull for you (Maya, Blender, Zbrush)
  • 3D Buzz video tutorials - however these are for UT2004. You need to be registered but it's worth it. There are videos for UT3 as well - so far available only with Collectors Edition of UT3 I guess.

Other Resources about UEd and Level design

  • Public Topics about UE3 on UDN (Unreal Developer Network). You can find the same stuff also on UDN beta - UE3 index - probably more stuff is available on the beta site.
  • Unreal Wiki hosted by BeyondUnreal. Much older than this one - and also a bit chaotic I dare to say. :-)
  • is even younger community site than this one :-) and it provides also some interesting tutorials
  • Game Development and Modding Source - UT3 modding related forums, links to cannedmushrooms' video tutorials, various plugin downloads (ActorX, …)

Other level design sites, reviews, mapping sites

Community pages

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