Static Mesh Catalog

This is the list of packages containing static meshes. If some package isn't here it's going to be added (it takes some time) or it doesn't contain any smeshes - or it's been forgotten. Let us know what is missing please.

Asian packages

Theme: Asian, ornated, wood/stone, overhanging eaves.

Package # Assets
ASC_Arch 5 archways (some of them complex), roof
ASC_Arch2 27 beams, corner pieces, beam floors, wall panel, roofs, door frame, trims (all decored)
ASC_Deco 24 bell (with frame), boatdock, flag, fountain, gong (with frame and roof), prayer wheel (with house), stone lamp, trims, urn, wheel
ASC_Deco2 3 wheel barrel, fruit crate, empty crate
ASC_Deco_Statue 8 statue plinths, warrior statues, lion statue, dragon statue
ASC_Door 8 doors (decorated), door frames
ASC_Fence 3 fence, poles
ASC_Foliage 8 bamboo, reed, trees
ASC_Floor 9 bridges, roofed bridge, pillar, staircases
ASC_Floor2 5 stone stairs, stairs with small steps
ASC_Light 7 free lights, wall lights, lamps
ASC_Light2 1 string of lanterns (color baloons)
ASC_Roof 36 a lot of roofs, trims, roof decos, statue
ASC_Supports 18 pillars, supports (stone/wood, shinto style, ornated)
ASC_Trim 7 stone railing (one set with corner, rounded and ramp pieces)
ASC_Walkways 13 stone walkways, archs, supports, fountain, ramp (one set)
ASC_Walls2 6 cobble sloped wall, trim, concrete corner, concrete wall
ASC_Walls_Stone 26 stone walls, curves, walls with dragon deco, column, wall doors, trims, windows, decos (consistent set)
ASC_Windows 4 windows

Humanoid architecture

Theme: Current western architecture, concrete, metal, bricks. Good to create anything from industrial mid-19th century to future town district (probably derelict). A lot of deco suitable for rundown and dirty finish.

Package # Assets
HU_Archways 5 archway
HU_Building_TypeA 28 gates, tin walls, trims, stone/concrete walls, wall archs, lamp
HU_Buildings_B 47 block shops, (brick) walls (with window walls), trims
HU_Buildings_TypeC 40 concrete walls, concrete trims, doors, metal trims, roof windows, wall sections with windows
HU_Buildings_TypeD 10 desctructed brick walls
HU_City 39 cars, road lanes, whole city blocks, bridge, ground plane
HU_Deck 8 bend floor + trim, biopot, window frame + glasses, pillar grate
HU_Deco 97 barricate, bench, barrels, board barriers, chains, chainlinks, light ads, city signs, contianers, crosswalk, ladders, rubble, trash, wires
HU_Deco2 28 vents, light ads, railings, various signs
HU_Deco3 27 fire hydrant, gas tanks, machinery, storage tanks, vents, fan
HU_Deco4 27 barrels, cranes, machinery, manhole cover, generator, traffic lights
HU_Deco5 9 barge parts, machinery, motor, storage tanks
HU_Deco6 13 billborads, boxes, dumpsters, trash, trashcans
HU_Deco7 9 bridge, bullet train, gaspump, radar dish, solar panel, tracks, rails and supports, wire (all train related)
HU_Deco_Doors 5 wooden doors and door frames
HU_Deco_FenceA 2 fence (covered with wooden boards)
HU_Deco_Fountain 1 gorgoyle fountain… and yes, nothing more :-)
HU_Deco_Pipes 16 pipes, groups of pipes, tap/valve
HU_Deco_RubbleA 22 rubbles, parts of brick walls, constructions, roll-up doors, beams, brick piles, metal piles (everything rubble)
HU_Deco_Statues 6 statues (head, zoomorph, creative), plinth
HU_Doors 4 doors, blast doors
HU_Downtown 18 walkways, (glass) buildings, road lines, planter, turret track
HU_Dusk 3 curved rocks
HU_Floor2 42 walkways, sidewalks, gratesets, rails, ramps, stairs
HU_Floors 11 sidewalks, fire escape stairs, steps, curved stairs, metal roof
HU_Hydrosis 8 air duct, bridge panel, grating, ground trim, half-circle glass, beam, waterfall
HU_Kargo 5 barge, retaining trim, retaining walls
HU_Light3 8 free lights, wall lights (mostly early industrial stuff or start of the 20th century)
HU_Lights 4 floodlight, generator, wall light
HU_MarketDistrict 2 building (glass/steel) and trim for it (roof)
HU_Mech 7 bucket wheel, tank tread, tank wheels, light
HU_Pillars 1 pillar beam
HU_Supports 21 supports, beams, curved beams, girders, (cement) corners
HU_Supports2 12 (steel/concrete) pillars, supports, beams
HU_Trim2 30 (steel/concrete) vertical/horizontal trims, corners, railings
HU_Trims 11 trims, grating (ramps, curved), trim with light
HU_Walls 20 concrete walls, brick walls (with windows), shiny walls, busted/destroyed walls, stone pillars
HU_Walls_Brick 23 brick walls (coated), walls with pillars, pillars, archs, arch walls, metal roofs, top trims (all bricks)
HU_Walls_Concrete 8 (broken) concrete walls, pillars, corner
HU_Walls_Metal 14 (massive) metal walls, metal pillars
HU_Windows 3 house windows

Liandry tech

Theme: Tech, sci-fi, metal/concrete, machinery.

Package # Assets
LT_Bridge 43 various metal bridge parts, trims, panels
LT_Buildings 77 city blocks, bunker, concrete walls, trims, metal panels, pillars, steps, skydome
LT_Buildings2 44 bunker, concrete walls, various shapes, supports
LT_Clutter 13 junction boxes, pipes, rubble, transport box
LT_Deco 66 cables, containers, frames, holo displays, screens, pipes, vehicle podiums, vents, windows, Torlan tower
LT_Deimos 15 various Deimos assets, windows, floors, trims, supports
LT_Doors 22 door frames, doors
LT_Floors 49 conveyor, stairs (curved), lift, floors, tiles (broken), walkways, curves, ramps
LT_Light 24 lights, face light, fluorescent, stride light, light cones (light beams)
LT_Mech 71 city blocks, ion cannon, mega piston, platforms, power poles, robot box, robots, tech cylinder
LT_Onyx 18 fence, cliffs, beacon, bridge, platforms, iceberg, water
LT_Spaceship 12 space ship body, engine, hull beams
LT_Stairs 4 metal stairs, rounded
LT_Support 66 supports, platforms, pillars, beams
LT_TexFX 1 textured glass
LT_Trims 56 trims, pipes, railings
LT_Walls 48 walls, wall panels, curved walls, window frames

Necris packages

Theme: Turk, stone/metal, tentacles ;-), organic.

Package # Assets
NEC_Arches 7 arches (pointed)
NEC_Base2 1 yellow vortex
NEC_Buildings 9 turk roofs, octagon pillar (actually it's hexagon, but who would question the mesh name? :-))
NEC_Ceilings 5 turk ceilings (vault)
NEC_Deco 42 babel spires, treehuggers, statues (angels, figures), infection tech, elevators, bulkheads
NEC_Doors 12 door frames, door leaf, tech doors
NEC_Floors 22 stairs, walkways, trims (all one set)
NEC_Lights 11 wall lights, free lights, turk lamps
NEC_Pillars 19 pillars, decorated pillars, tech pillars
NEC_Roofs 8 tiled roofs, trim, broken roofs
NEC_Supports 13 babel spire supports, tech supports
NEC_Trims 67 tons of trims, decorated/plain, grates, Vertebrae stuff, some decos
NEC_Walls 44 walls, bricks (moistured), arch doors, arch walls, armor walls, curved/decorated
NEC_Windows 5 windows, frame, window wall
NEC_Wires 39 bulb pipes, wires, wire connectors

UN packages

Various generic assets. Rocks, foliage, sky domes, etc.

Package # Assets
UN_Cave 15 stone pillars, archs, rocks, cyan crystals
UN_Foliage 42 hedges, trees, hanging branches, grass, plants, mashrooms
UN_Liquid 13 water planes, waterfalls (mostly without material, Serenity stuff)
UN_Misc 3 lift, fan blades (all without skins)
UN_Rock 55 arch cliffs, black cliffs, spires (sharp), rocks, rock pillars, rubble pile
UN_Rock2 6 asian tunnels, small cliff, rock slabs
UN_SimpleMeshes 3 cube, plane, sphere - used for material previews in Material browser
UN_Sky 12 skydomes, star sphere, Earth half-sphere, broken planet, aurora, star ring, sun
UN_Snow 12 icicles, cracked ice, iceberg, snow roof (many untextured - Gateway stuff)
UN_Team 9 team signs, chevrons, stripes, UT99 blue/red logo
UN_Terrain 6 untextured Gateway terrain parts, scattered rock
UN_Terrain2 4 water planes
UN_Trees 6 branch cluster, burnt trees, stump, log
UN_Volumetrics 3 light beams (light cones), untextured cone
UN_Weather 2 rain cube (usable), rain plane (untextured) - no usefull pictures available

Other packages

Package # Assets
EngineVolumetrics 7 light beams (light cones), fog sheet, fog sphere
Envy_Decals 1 vine
Envy_Effects 36 various effects (lights, beams, spheres, bubbles, energy, volumetrics, air/wind), light cone
Envy_Effects2 1 glass shard
Envy_Level_Effects 1 necris nano tendrils pipe
Envy_Level_Effects2 24 air went steam, web sheets, gravity shield, jump gate parts, lightnings, space rocks, water splash, water wheel pour, foam, giant wave, leafs
FX_VehicleExplosions 1 Scorpion canopy
GamePlaceholders 1 in-game navigation arrow (willow wisp lead)
GP_Ons_PowerCore_Death 1 power core flare
GP_Onslaught 19 various warfare assets, power nodes, effects, weapon locker
NodeBuddies 19 various 3D icons, arrows
NR_Deco 1 fountain
NR_Doors 1 double door
NR_Supports 3 columns, buttress
NR_Walls 2 shiny metal wall, decorated trim
Onslaught_Effects 1 god beam

List of all packages

SMC in page names means "Static Mesh Catalog" - the rest is package name. Only packages containing static meshes are listed (without UN_Weather). This list is autogenerated and it should match the content in the tables above.

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