Unreal Tournament 3

UT3 is fast-paced next-gen first person shooter (FPS) action game with focus on online multiplayer. It doesn't concentrate on realistic simulation of weapon combat - you rather often kill and often get killed as well with instant respawn into the level. Basic gametypes provided by the game are:

  • Deathmatch - either free for all deathmatch (DM but also FFA acronym is used a lot) or team deathmatch (TDM) or duels (1on1 or 1v1)
  • Capture the flag (CTF) - also in vehicular modification (VCTF)
  • Warfare (WAR) - strategy/tactic based gameplay on large map with massive usage of vehicles (airborne as well)

Since first Unreal game it's a tradition to bundle Unreal Editor with the game. This twisted interest of level designers and various modders and until now it's one of many reasons why there is rich and active community around the whole Unreal franchise.


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