UnrealEd Reference

We'll discuss all functions provided in main window of UnrealEd on this page. Red numbers on pictures are obviously added and corresponds with numbers before function descriptions. Every description starts with tooltip (if provided) and then some explanation follows (if necessary).

User Interface Overview


Main menu


See also Main Editor Toolbar on UDN.

  1. Create a new map
  2. Open an existing map
  3. Recent maps
  4. Save Current Level
  5. Save all levels
  6. Undo the last action
  7. Redo the previously undone action
  8. Distance to far clipping plane
  1. Prevent the mouse from being able to move/rotate/scale actors. Only selections will be allowed.
  2. Show/Use the widget
  3. Use the translation widget
  4. Use the rotation widget (this one is selected on this picture)
  5. Use the scaling widget
  6. Use the non-uniform scaling widget
  7. Reference Coordinage System
  8. Search for actors
  1. Toggle fullscreen mode
  2. Cut out the selection and put it into the clipboard
  3. Copy the selection and put it into the clipboard
  4. Paste data in the clipboard into the map
  5. Open the Generic Browser window - see Generic Browser Reference
  6. Open UnrealKismet - see Kismet Editor Reference
  7. Toggle Brush Polys
  8. Toggle Prefab Lock
  9. Select to make Distributions use the curves, not the baked lookup tables.
  10. Enable/disable socket snapping
  1. Build Geometry for Current Level
  2. Build Lighting
  3. Build Paths
  4. Build Cover Nodes - not used in UT3 (applies to Gears Of War)
  5. Build All
  6. TODO
  7. Play this level in an editor window. Holding Control will start in spectator mode.
  8. Publish the loaded map ('cooks' the map for faster loading)



See Viewports for basic description and hotkeys related to viewports (navigation). See also View Modes (UDN) discussing various view modes available - most of them working also in-game.

Viewport toolbar


See Viewports for navigation or Editor Buttons Reference on UDN.

Status line

Key bindings (hotkeys)

See Editor Buttons Reference on UDN for very good reference.

Some keybinds can be found in the UTGame\Config\UTInput.ini configuration file (see files placement). Corresponding UnrealEd commands are in the parenthesis.

  • Space - changes widget mode translation/rotate/scale (MODE WIDGETMODECYCLE)
  • Tilde - changes coordinate system for widget world/local (MODE WIDGETCOORDSYSTEMCYCLE)
  • Delete - delete (DELETE)
  • F4 - show actor properties (EDCALLBACK ACTORPROPS)
  • Alt-F4 - quit editor (QUIT_EDITOR)
  • F5 - show actor properties (EDCALLBACK SURFPROPS)
  • F6 - show actor properties (EDCALLBACK LEVELPROPS)
  • Shift+A - select all actors (ACTOR SELECT ALL)
  • Shift+D or Ctrl+W - duplicate (DUPLICATE)
  • Shift+E - select matching static meshes (ACTOR SELECT MATCHINGSTATICMESH)
  • Shift+N - select none (SELECT NONE)

Surface selection and memory

  • Shift+B - select surfaces - matching brush (POLY SELECT MATCHING BRUSH)
  • Shift+C - select surfaces - adjacent coplanars (POLY SELECT ADJACENT COPLANARS)
  • Shift+F - select surfaces - adjacent floors (POLY SELECT ADJACENT FLOORS)
  • Shift+G - select surfaces - matching groups (POLY SELECT MATCHING GROUPS) - what's this for?
  • Shift+I - select surfaces - matching items (POLY SELECT MATCHING ITEMS) - what's this for?
  • Shift+J - select surfaces - adjacent all (POLY SELECT ADJACENT ALL)
  • Shift+O - intersect selected faces with faces in memory - logical and (POLY SELECT MEMORY INTERSECT)
  • Shift+Q - invert surface selection - applies to all brushes (POLY SELECT REVERSE)
  • Shift+M - stores selected surfaces into memory (POLY SELECT MEMORY SET)
  • Shift+R - recall selected faces memory (POLY SELECT MEMORY RECALL)
  • Shift+S - select all faces (POLY SELECT ALL)

Bindings=(Command="POLY SELECT MATCHING TEXTURE",Name=T,Shift=True)
Bindings=(Command="POLY SELECT MEMORY UNION",Name=U,Shift=True)
Bindings=(Command="POLY SELECT ADJACENT WALLS",Name=W,Shift=True)
Bindings=(Command="POLY SELECT MEMORY XOR",Name=X,Shift=True)
Bindings=(Command="POLY SELECT ADJACENT SLANTS",Name=Y,Shift=True)
Bindings=(Command="EDIT COPY",Name=C,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="EDIT PASTE",Name=V,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="EDIT CUT",Name=X,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="TRANSACTION REDO",Name=Y,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="TRANSACTION UNDO",Name=Z,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="BRUSH ADD",Name=A,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="BRUSH SUBTRACT",Name=S,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="BRUSH FROM INTERSECTION",Name=I,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="BRUSH FROM DEINTERSECTION",Name=D,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="PREFAB SELECTACTORSINPREFABS",Name=P,Shift=True)
Bindings=(Command="ACTOR ALIGN SNAPTOFLOOR ALIGN=0",Name=End)
Bindings=(Command="ACTOR ALIGN MOVETOGRID",Name=End,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="CAMERA ALIGN",Name=Home)
Bindings=(Command="CAMERA ALIGN ACTIVEVIEWPORTONLY",Name=Home,Shift=True)
Bindings=(Command="MAP BRUSH GET",Name=P,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="ACTOR FIND KISMET",Name=K,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="ACTOR SELECT ALL FROMOBJ",Name=A,Control=True,Shift=True)
Bindings=(Command="ACTOR SYNCBROWSER",Name=B,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="ACTOR DESELECT",Name=Escape)
Bindings=(Command="CTRLTAB SHIFTDOWN=FALSE",Name=Tab,Control=True)
Bindings=(Command="CTRLTAB SHIFTDOWN=TRUE",Name=Tab,Control=True,Shift=True)


Console Commands - in-game console commands, many of them are handy for map debugging
UnrealEd User Guide on UDN
Editor Buttons Reference on UDN
Main Editor Toolbar on UDN

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